Boat and Jetski Tracking Solution


Find and Follow has an advanced security and tracking system ideal for monitoring your favourite water craft. Within seconds of your boat or jetski being towed, ignition being switched or battery running low, the device raises the alarm by instant email or text message to a mobile phone. The Find & Follow Trackers have been designed for a range of boating applications.


Features at a Glance


  • 24/7 Vehicle tracking & control
  • GPS co-ordinates on demand over the phone or by SMS/text reports or internet
  • Remote engine immobilisation
  • Ignition & power cut
  • Low battery alerts, internal back up battery
  • Over-speed detection calls & SMS
  • Remote access via phone, SMS, PC or Internet   
  • SMS updates, reports & alarm notifications
  • Covert installation, silent alarm
  • Event & travel recording
  • Remote activation & deactivation
  • Deep sleep mode for Jet Ski’s & other personal watercraft
  • Wake up timers
  • Street level visibility anywhere in the world
  • Mobile Google Maps support
  • Geofence alarm uniquely lets you define a virtual boundary
  • Installation time is approximately 1-2 hours

Locate, Track, and Secure Anything, Anytime, Anywhere