GPS Tracking System is a system where your vehicle can go anywhere within your sight monitoring. It provides live GPS Tracking that enables up to the minute information regarding your fleet vehicles. The easy-to-use web interface allows the most convenient way to continuously track, get stop times, set Geo-fences, speed limit alerts, and always instantly know where your trucks and drivers are located. Vehicle locations are stored in a database and archived for future replay and review.
The basic purpose of GPS Tracker to track a specific target vehicle. The tracking device is able to relay information concerning where the vehicle has traveled, how long the vehicle stopped, etc. GPS tracking devices are usually installed in vehicles. However, these can also be used for motor cycles, scooters and bicycles. A personal tracker is a device found in a mobile phone or something that resembles at beeper, which can be strapped to a belt, carried in a bag or in a pocket. Families often use these as method of safeguarding their children or other loved ones, and they normally have the added function of a panic button so they can call for attention immediately.

GPS has rapidly become the must have facility on any new device and people are instantly able to pinpoint their locations and find sites of local interest, shops or wandering children without any fuss at all. These trackers can be used to transmit a signal every two hours from anywhere on the planet, whether in remote locations, at sea or in the middle of a busy city. Useful for tracking commercial containers, following adventurers, sailing or following long road trips.
A GPS Tracker is a fantastic device and can be used in many ways. I have experienced it and it is quite useful for me. It is not only fantastic for keeping an eye on truanting students, but it can also be used in cars to track their whereabouts as well as many other uses. Make sure to explore a vast range of different models before purchasing yours. Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed with your device. Start using yours today and instantly feel in more control.
A GPS data logger will store the GPS data on internal memory card. And the data can be retrieved at a later stage these units are not in real time but can log the history of where the vehicle or asset has been etc..