Motorcycle GPS Tracking & Anti-Theft System


Find and Follow has an advanced security and tracking system for motorcycles. The Find and Follow Mini Tracker with its compact size, power saving & deep sleep modes are the perfect solution to your anti-theft and tracking needs.


Within seconds of your motorcycle being moved or the ignition being switched on, the unit is designed to alert you with an immediate disturbance or potential theft in progress message.


Also enabling you to view the exact location via the web the Find and Follow Mini Tracker is capable of cutting off the engine with our engine kill function it is truly the best bike system on the market today!


Features at a Glance

  • 24/7 Vehicle Tracking & Control
  • GPS co-ordinates over the phone, via SMS/text or Online
  • Remote engine immobilization
  • Ignition, intruder & power interrupt
  • Over speed detection calls & SMS
  • Remote access via phone, SMS or Online
  • SMS updates, reports & alarm notifications
  • Covert installation, silent alarm
  • Very low current consumption, just 1mA in deep sleep
  • Movement detection / tow-away detection
  • Remote activation on demand
  • Usage reports & Journey reporting functions
  • Find and Follow kits are supplied completed ready to install
  • Installation is typically covert to avoid detection by thieves
  • Installation time is approximately 1-2 hours

Locate, Track, and Secure Anything, Anytime, Anywhere