Personal GPS Solutions


Find and Follow brings you two essential services in one small, easy to use device. It is a personal real time GPS tracker and an SOS emergency alerting device. The Find and Follow Personal Tracker is an extremely versatile device that can be used by almost anyone, anywhere, anytime. Being smaller than most mobile phones, you can carry it on your person, in your or children’s bags, for medical supervision of others, in your car, truck or boat, out biking, motorcycling, camping, walking, hiking, running, in parcels – it really has unlimited uses.


With real time GPS tracking, it always knows where it is – all you have to do is Find and Follow!
By sending one simple command via SMS, the tracker is able to respond by texting its location back to you. Or, you can follow the tracker online through where it updates its current location every 15-30 seconds.

The SOS button allows the user so send an SOS alert via SMS to up to three pre-set mobile numbers. The SMS contains the GPS co-ordinates of their exact location the moment the SOS button is pressed, so you will know exactly where they are, even if they don’t!

 Features at a Glance


  • 24/7  Tracking & Control
  • Compact, Portable unit
  • Low Battery warning
  • Integrated GSM antenna
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Remote Programmable facilities
  • GPS co-ordinates on demand over the phone or by SMS/text reports or internet
  • SMS updates, reports & alarm notifications
  • Geofence alarm uniquely lets you define a virtual boundary
  • Street level visibility anywhere in the world
  • Mobile Google Maps support
  • Real time GPS tracker
  • SOS Alerting
  • Geofence – sets a restricted radius of movement – min 30 meters
  • Battery life up to 12 hours, can be expanded upon request

Locate, Track, and Secure Anything, Anytime, Anywhere