It is natural for a business to have its ups and downs. Even as a business owner there are factors beyond your control no matter how streamlined your processes, sometimes they still don’t perform to their optimum level. On the other hand, you may assume that everything is running smoothly and at its maximum efficiency only to find out this is not the case. Find and Follow have proven their GPS tracking devices can increase productivity up to 35% which converts to more revenue, and less time wasting!
How much would you pay to increase your productivity by up to 35%?
Find and Follow GPS tracking devices are so versatile there is a use for just about every business and if your employees drive your company vehicles it can be even more advantageous. With active GPS tracking technology, you can monitor a driver’s speed and location in real time. The information is sent back to your computer or smart phone instantly, that’s how easy it is!
The Find and Follow GPS tracking devices can also assist in reducing the costs of your insurance premiums. Insurance companies are now seeing the advantage of 24/7 vehicle tracking and are rewarding customers with discounts to their premiums for having a tracker fitted to their vehicle. Please check with your insurance company for more details and exact discounts. Not only will this help the bottom line of your business, it will also give you peace of mind that your fleet is being monitored no matter where it is.
The Find and Follow GPS tracking system is designed so that you can monitor the activities of your vehicles and assets easily, by logging on with your unique username and password via the following link, you will know when your assets stop, sit idling and their exact location at any time.
How GPS Tracking Systems work:
You may have heard of GPS technology as a navigational tool. 24 satellites circling our planet are constantly emitting signals which are then received by handheld computers such as GPS Navigational units. GPS Tracking devices work in a similar way, with a couple of added steps. As with GPS navigation, a Find and Follow GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle, uses the satellite signals to triangulate the vehicle’s location. It then calculates the vehicle’s speed and transmits this information in 30 second intervals which are then accessible via your login at; or on your smart phone.
Find and Follow have the philosophy that to maintain long term business relationships with our customers, our products and service must be of the highest quality, provide precise and accurate information but also be flexible enough to suit every individual business’ requirements. As a part of maintaining customer satisfaction we offer 24/7 technical support as we understand that to some, business never stops!
Whether you are after a solution to monitor a single vehicle or a fleet of thousands, Find and Follow’s GPS tracking devices can provide the key to increasing your overall business efficiency.